Woking Hospital

Private Healthcare Company
Single-Ply PVC

Project Overview

This particular hospital has the UK's most successful IVF treatment results and so quite understandably, they are extremely cautious when they look at carrying out any kind of building or maintenance work to ensure that their patients and their highly sensitive operations are not affected in any way whatsoever.

The previous winter had seen a particular deluge of rainfall and one of their roofs, a pitched metal sheeted roof with integral box gutters had been so overwhelmed by the volume of water, that the outlets had blocked causing the gutters to overfill, resulting in large volumes of water 'over-spilling' into the private rooms below causing significant damage to specialist equipment and décor in those rooms. The bill was in the tens of thousands of £ and so they were extremely keen that this wouldn't ever occur again.

Project Solution

McConnell's had been successfully assisting them on some of their other sites for many years and so they approached us to come up with a practical solution to their problem whilst all the while making sure any work done wold he no impact on the delicate environmental balance of their IVF treatment centre. Obviously any odour of any kind was to be avoided at all costs.

The project included other smaller, less crucial roofs but for this particular roof, McConnell's designed a complete over-roof and 'encapsulation of the entire roof and gutter detail.

External grade ply-wood was installed over the profile sheeted roof and also used to 'box-in' the gutter detail. The gutter detail then received a single-ply coated metal flashing .

A visqueen vcl was installed and then a proprietary Single-ply pvc membrane was mechanically fixed and taken into, across the gutter and up and over the parapet wall terminated to a trim. The result ? A complete encapsulation of the entire roof and integral gutter, ensuring no over-spill of the gutter and flooding of the rooms and offices below.

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