Hospital in Carshalton, Surrey

NHS Trust (We respect our client's privacy)
20 year Reinforced Liquid Applied Membrane

Project Overview

When our client approached us to help them, they were experiencing numerous leaks into various areas of this building including into the actual children’s wards as well as other admin areas. The leaks had been going on for a few years and annual patch repairs had done very little to prevent them. Indeed, each year more and more leaks were appearing !

During our survey, it was clear why these leaks were occurring and getting worse.

The existing asphalt had been breaking down for some time, evidenced by the extensive cracking across the entire roof. Water was entering the asphalt, tracking beneath it across the concrete deck and appearing wherever it got the chance (an outlet, a joint in the concrete deck or some other protrusion.

Project Solution

Our proposal was to direct overlay the existing asphalt following some initial patch repairs, using a cold applied, reinforced liquid applied membrane.

The system chosen is highly elastomeric, doesn’t break down through UV exposure, hard wearing and of course is completely monolithic (Seamless from end to end and corner to corner) meaning water has no chance of getting through the membrane at weak points such as joints or laps.

With the addition of a ‘skid inhibiting’ walkway in a contrasting colour, the hospital maintenance team and service engineers are free to traverse the roof with very little risk of slipping and more importantly keeps them to a designated route, away from any potential risks.

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