Martin Mathys, Zelem, Belgium

Martin Mathys NV
Elastaseal 10
4,000 m2

Project Overview

Martin Mathys' Belgian main production facility in Zelem is a mix of both new and old buildings. Much of the older structures date back many decades and have flat roofs. Virtually all of them had been experiencing numerous leaks for many years and had been patched and patched using local products with limited success. 

Through one of their sister company's TOR Coatings, they contacted us and so we flew out with TOR Coatings to survey and inspect the roofs in order to produce a full specification and cost submission. 

The roof deck of many of the flat roofs were an unusual compressed brick structure and so any sort of mechanical fixing was a no-no !. Further to that, the existing roof covering was of a type we hadn't encountered before so we needed to carry out adhesion tests to establish whether the Elastaseal was suitable for the task. 

Project Solution

With positive results from the adhesion tests, upon instruction, we were able to select one of our squads to travel over and carry out the works over an 8-week period with a 'flying visit' back home half way through the project. 

We installed Elastaseal 10, a reinforced, cold applied, waterproofing membrane to the entire flat roof with new grp edge trims installed around the perimeter. 

Of course, along with TOR Coatings, we needed to carry out our own site visits through the project to check on progress and to ensure the welfare of our boys who were working away for long periods of time. 

As you can imagine however, the numerous local breweries would help in this regard !! 


The result was a leak-free, large flat roof for the firsdt time in many years and everyone involved were extremel happy with the finished job ! 

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